Wendy Lanier

Wendy is available to speak to school and civic groups on a variety of topics.

Texas Faces and Places

A fast-paced presentation of Texas regions, cardinal directions, facts, and symbols. Students learn basic Texas geography and official state symbols.

Writing Techniques for Everyone

Basic steps to make even the most reluctant writer a success. This presentation for students or teachers gives a set of writing tools for use with all types of writing.

From Idea to Print

Ever wonder what goes into getting a book in print? This presentation outlines the steps an author must take to get an idea in print, plus a few ideas for publishing student projects.

Tell Me a Texas Tale

A mix of story-telling and personal history, this Texas author explains how she came to be an author, encourages young writers, and spins a few Texas tales in the process.

Wired That Way

Identify student and colleague personalities by learning to recognize the basic temperaments and understand how to peaceably co-exist with each.  Identify strategies for getting the best from your students and coworkers based on understanding your own personality and the personality of others.

For Christian audiences in a retreat or church conference setting:

Defending Your Faith: Why What We Believe IS True         

Have you ever had someone challenge your beliefs as a Christian, but you didn't know how to respond? In this session Wendy will cover key issues related to common questions about the Bible and its authenticity. Participants will learn strategies and techniques for defending their beliefs with confidence. This presentation is appropriate for all age groups in a workshop or Bible study setting.

Sex, Lies, and Love:  Can You Really FALL IN LOVE?

Do you know someone who can't distinguish between love and what masquerades as love in today's society? With directness and humor, Wendy will explore the myths and the realities regarding love and relationships. This presentation can be adapted for secular and non secular audiences and works best with age groups from 12 to 25.

Watch Your Mouth:  Framing Your Future with Words

Can what we say really come back to haunt us? Could it work in reverse?  Take a look at what the Bible says about the power of the spoken word. Wendy will guide participants to a better understanding of how our lives are shaped by the very words we speak. This presentation is suitable for a luncheon, Bible study, or workshop session and is appropriate for all ages.


Getting Along in the Body of Christ 

Ever wonder why people act the way they do? Learn to recognize the basic temperaments and how to peaceably coexist with each. Identify your own personality type and learn to work in your strengths while dealing with your weaknesses in a way that allows you to be a more effective Christian.

For additional topics contact Wendy @ wendylanier@wendylanier.com
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